Florida Specialty Insurance Acquires Mount Beacon Insurance

We are pleased to announce that Florida Specialty Acquisition, LLC has acquired the Mount Beacon Insurance Company. Since 1997, Florida Specialty Insurance Company is proud to be a leading provider of property insurance products and related services. We strive to exceed the expectations of our policyholders and agency partners every day. With decades of property insurance experience and exceptional claim services, Florida Specialty will deliver the protection you expect from a “Partner for Life”. We specialize in delivering the best in personal property coverage for Florida residents from Homeowners and Condos to Renters and Manufactured Homes.

The sandhill crane in our logo represents lifelong loyalty to our partners and customers. Sandhill cranes are one of a few species of animals that mate for life once they find the right partner.

“The strategic decision to acquire Mount Beacon Insurance Company fits extremely well into Florida Specialty’s short and long-term business plans” commented Susan Patschak, Chief Executive of the Florida Specialty Insurance Company.

Susan Patschak, CEO and Rick Loden, President/COO of Florida Specialty Insurance Company, will head up the newly acquired company. Before acquiring Safeway Property Insurance Company (re-named Florida Specialty) in August of 2015, Ms. Patschak was formerly the CEO of Canopius Bermuda and Mr. Loden, the President and CEO of Insurance Servicing and Adjusting Company located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Dan Lavin is Florida Specialty’s Chief Underwriting Officer.

First and foremost, our immediate responsibility to you is to make certain we are providing the best possible service as we move into the new year!

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